Homemade Cookie Gifts

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Homemade Cookie Gifts

It's the season of gift giving, and handmade gifts are always the most meaningful.

My daughter loves baking in the kitchen with me. She could stir stuff in a mixing bowl all day long if I let her. We made some simple shaped sugar cookies to give as gifts and had so much fun frosting them!

When baking or crafting with kids, I have learned one important mantra. Keep it simple and enjoy the process. It doesn't matter how perfect (or imperfect) the project turns out to be. All that matters is the joy that lights up the kid’s eye. And that smile she will wear when she gives the gift and says "I made that for you!"


I had a bunch of glassine bags that I wanted to use to gift-wrap these cookies. To decorate the bags, I pulled out some unusual paper crafting supplies- aluminum foil, parchment paper and cupcake liners from the kitchen.


I letterpressed and die cut an aluminum foil and parchment paper snowflake for each bag. You can easily die cut and letterpress up to eight layers of these at once since the materials are so thin. But make sure that you alternate the foil and parchment while running it through the Fuse Creativity System®, or else the aluminum snowflakes will not separate easily.


Next I layered the snowflakes onto a flattened cupcake liner.


I assembled all of the bags and filled them with cookies. Now we were ready to give some gifts to our neighbors!

Supply List

Aluminum foil, doily, parchment paper, glassine bag, adhesive, twine, cookies made from scratch.