Patterned Paper Bows

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Patterned Paper Bows

Create beautiful bows from patterned paper!

cutting strips of paper

1. Trim patterned paper into ¾ inch strips. You’ll need three 10 inch strips, two 8.5 inch, and one 4 inch strip for an average sized bow.

twist strips of paper

2. Twist the strips of paper to form a loop on each end. Secure with a small staple.
3. Layer the loops, starting with the largest on the bottom. Use glue dots to hold each layer.
4. Finish with the smallest loop in the center.


5. For added interest, using the AdvantEdtge™ Punch System Starter Set, cut decorative ribbons from patterned paper for the center loop.

added interest, cut decorative ribbons from paper

Supply List

Patterned Paper