Pop-Up Halloween Cards

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Pop Up Halloween Cards

Why settle for boring Halloween cards when these fun interactive cards can help you say “boo!” with a smile? They’re quick and easy to make with your Fiskars tools (and that means more time for trick-or-treating!).

Instructions – Graveyard Pop-up

1. Create a card base from cardstock. Trim another piece of cardstock slightly smaller than the base. Fold in half.

2. Using pencil, draw two small lines crossing the fold of the card.

3. Draw to additional lines where you want to place your cloud shape. For this section, you’ll draw and cut a tab shape.

4. Use the Fingertip Craft Knife to cut along the pencil lines.


5. Adhere to the base of the card, being careful not to apply adhesive to the cut pieces.

6. Fold pieces outward (away from the fold) to give punched shapes dimension.

7. Create a gravestone shape using Fiskars template. Ink edges and apply rub-ons to spell out “RIP”

8. Adhere to folded cardstock tab (tip – this tab will form a “bench” behind the gravestone shape)

9. Punch and ink cloud shapes. Adhere to base.

10. Apply a punched border along middle of card (this will help to cover the slits in the base)


Instructions – Jack-o-Lantern spring card

1. Create jack-o-lantern shapes from cardstock by punching face first, then using round punch to create pumpkin shape


2. Create “springs” by accordian folding small strips of cardstock. Adhere to back of jack-o-lantern.

3. Adhere strip of patterned cardstock to base card.

4. Adhere springs/jack-o-lantern to base so that the shapes “pop” when the card is opened.