St. Patrick's Day Hair Accessories

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
St Patrick Day Accessories

Holidays are a great time to craft up a little something special to wear in your hair.

To avoid being pinched, add a pop of green (and cuteness) through hair accessories and have fun in the process using high quality sewing tools and versatile shape templates!


Here are three different accessories (plus a fun prop for the boys) that can likely be made with things you already have around the house. These are good last-minute crafts for St. Patrick's Day Eve.

T-Shirt Headband

If you don't have any hair accessories around to alter, how about an old tee you can cut up?

1. To create the very simple band, cut a strip of t-shirt (at desired width) using a rotary cutter and acrylic ruler on a cutting mat. Place around head to get length and subtract a few inches to get a comfy fit. Simply sew the ends together. Now you are ready to embellish.


2. You can create a template if you are making more than one clover flower, or simply draw directly onto the edge of t-shirt material using a disappearing ink fabric marker. Create a template using cardstock. Trace the 1.5 inch circle from the Circles-1 template four times in a row with sides touching while lining up the bottom of the cardstock (or fabric) with the first grid line from the bottom on the template as shown. Trace onto tee and cut out with fabric scissors.


3. Hand sew a simple running stitch along the straight edge without any knotting.


4. Pull both ends of thread to gather the scallops to form a flower.


5. Knot threads together to secure. Sew onto band with thread and button.


Felt Shamrock Clip

Create a simple pop of color using some felt and the Hearts shape template.

1. Using a disappearing ink fabric marker, trace four 1.25 inch hearts onto green felt and four 1 inch hearts onto a lighter green felt. Cut out all hearts.

2. Using a hot glue gun (or felt glue), adhere a smaller heart onto each larger heart with the pointed ends aligned. Glue all hearts into a clover shape onto a 1 inch circle of felt base cut using Circles template. Glue button at center.


3. Stitch or glue felt clover onto a pin or clip to wear in hair.


Looped Shamrock Headband

This headband embellishment looks quite involved, but is actually simple to make using strips of felt and ... a stapler?

1. Cut 1 inch wide strips of green felt. You will need one 3 inch long strip and two 2.5 inch strips.

2. Fold each strip in half and staple near the folded edge as shown. Staple? Yes, staple. This is my super lazy way of making this a no-sew project. Of course if you plan on keeping yours long-term, feel free to stitch this part for durability.


3. Fold the opposite direction and hot glue (on low temp) the very bottom edges of the longest strip together as shown.

4. Glue the bottom edge of one of the shorter strips (inside edge) to the outside bottom edge of the heart-shaped piece.

5. Glue the other end of second strip to the bottom of the heart-shaped piece, forming a second heart. Repeat on other side with remaining strip.

6. Hot glue looped shamrock onto wide headband to complete.


One last accessory is for the boys. It's so much fun and a great photo prop. So of course St. Patrick's Day deserves its very own green version!

1. Fold a piece of stiffened green felt (it's sold this way at the craft store) and trace a leaf from the Flowers & Fun template on the folded edge.

2. Cut out with fabric scissors, unfold, and hot glue to a thin dowel. It doesn't get much easier (or cuter) than that!

Create a little something fun to accessorize with this St. Patrick's Day!

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