Felt Faces On The Go

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Felt Faces On The Go

Summer is here, and if you are going on a road trip (or not!) this project is a fun way for kids to encourage their imagination.

The idea is make all the shapes necessary to make felt faces – hair, face, eyes, nose, smiles, etc – in various different colors. The kids can pick and chose different pieces to create new and fun characterseach time!

To begin with, you will need circles to act as the actual faces. I used the Super-Sized Circles Shape Templates as my guide to cut out the circles.


I also cut out many tiny triangles, squares, and semi circles to form eyes, noses and mouths. For the eyes, I also used the tinier circle templates as my guide. I used a sharp pen to outline the small circles onto the felt and then cut them out using the Micro Tip Scissors #5 . These are super sharp and precise and work well while cutting out smaller detailed pieces.


The one place I used my imagination was to cut the hair pieces.


Mix and match the felt faces to form different characters each time. Kids can also see how by just replacing the eyes or the shape of the mouth, the expressions on the faces change


I plan to put all of these into a Ziploc bag and carry it around. My daughter loves this so much already! It’s like a puzzle, but the end picture changes every time!