Kid Inspired Bird's Nest

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Kid Inspired Bird's Nest

Inspired by this darling craft seen on Meg Duerksen’s blog, I decided to stretch the use of my Fiskars tools, putting them to work in my favor of this no-fuss craft sure to bring a smile as you and your child(ren) get your craft on during summer break.

Gather a light blue and brown paint with brushes

First you’ll need to gather light blue and brown paint along with two paint brushes and oversized heavy duty paper plates (Chinet style). You’ll definitely want a plate that doesn’t have a glossy coating.

paint the half the plate blue and the other brown

Then paint the top half of the plate light blue and the bottom half chocolate brown. Set aside and allow to dry.

feed paper thru paper crimper

Then, cut the bottom flap off of a paper lunch sack and feed through the paper crimper.

cut the paper into thin strips

Using kid appropriate scissors, allow them to cut the paper bag in half, then cut into super thin strips across the grain of the crimped wave.

Wad up strips and adhere them to the plate

Once you have the whole bag cut up, gather the strips in your hand and slightly wad them up to add dimension. Adhere to the plate over the brown paint using school glue, tacky glue or a low-melt hot glue gun. Add in feathers, twigs, yarn and other small nest making items.

Make your bird using a punch

Now that you’ve feathered the nest, it’s time to make a bird to put into it. You can use the original punches piece if you’d like and add more than one to make a nest of baby birdies, OR, you can stretch the use of your tools and use the small punched piece as a template to create something larger.

Making your own bird using a copier

To do so, punch a single bird and trace onto the center of a sheet of copy paper. Place the traced design onto a copy machine and enlarge the image 200% to create a template. Cut out the template.

punch out several patterned papers

Next, punch several squares from a variety of red patterned papers and adhere to a piece of cardstock.

Arrange squares and using your template trace your bird onto the squares

Supply List

Paper Plates (Non-Glossy)
Sky Blue Acrylic Craft Paint
Brown Acrylic Craft Paint
Brown Paper Lunch Sacks
Low-temp Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Sticks
Cardstock/Patterned Paper
Google Eye
Feathers/Yarn (optional)