Locker Decorations

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


materials used to create magnetic frames

When I was at the age when my friends and I lived weekdays out of a locker, a page torn from a magazine or a handwritten note from a friend was about as elaborate as the decor hanging on the inside of the door got.

Fortunately, a trip through a craft supply store today is a treasure trove of endless possibilities for teens to create pieces of decor that express their personality in their tiny personal space in the sea of boring metal boxes.

monogram cork board

My first project is a fun cork board made from a large wood letter. Very simple to create, but with the current popularity of monograms, it makes a bold statement!

cork being adhered to a wood letter

Using wood glue, I adhered the letter to a 12 x 12 inch cork panel and, to assure good adherence, I placed a stack of books on top of it while the glue dried. I then used the Fiskars Fingertip Detail Knife to cut the cork away from around the edges of the letter. I finished the cork board by adding a strip of paper and some punched shapes along the top.

small decorated chalkboard

Another really quick project that is also really trendy right now is this little chalkboard.

patterned paper being adhered to a small chalkboard

Using a Fiskars paper trimmer I cut strips of paper that were slightly wider than the wood trim on the chalkboard. After gluing the strips to the frame, I placed the chalkboard face down on a Fiskars cutting mat and used the Fiskars Fingertip Detail Knife to cut the excess paper from around the frame. I finished by adding a stamped image, made with the Teresa Collins Thank You Simple Stick Stamps, to the top of the frame.

magnetic frame covered with patterned paper and cut with Fiskars Fuse

It would be hard to find a project easier than these magnetic frames.

materials used to create magnetic frames

I purchased a magnetic sheet with adhesive backing, adhered patterned paper to the adhesive side, and ran it through the Fiskars Fuse using the Frame die. I added a punched star and a star sticker to the piece I removed from the center of the frame, so there was very little waste of magnetic sheeting. I suggest running a sheet of thin chipboard through under the magnetic sheet to add stability to it when pushing it out of the die, as the magnetic sheets tear easily.

large wood clothespin decorated with patterned paper

This last project is a fun one and, again, it's easy!

large wood clothespin covered and a piece of patterned paper

After removing the spring, I glued patterned paper to the face of a giant clothespin and trimmed around the edges with the Fiskars Fingertip Detail Knife. I added a sticker, replaced the spring, and it was complete.

Other than the magnetic frame, each of the other projects was made magnetic by adhering strong button magnets to the back side.
As you can see, having a fun, colorful locker space can be easy and inexpensive!

Supply List

Large wood monogram letter

12 inch square cork panel

Wood glue

Small chalkboard

Large wood clothespin

Magnetic sheet

Patterned paper

Button magnets