Monthly Mixed Media Series: Four Seasons Canvas

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


four seasons canvas

For this month’s Mixed Media idea, I roped in my little girl to make a fun canvas. Not only did this canvas teach her the four seasons, it also brought us together for an absolutely fun crafty afternoon!

Instead of priming the canvas with just white paint, we broke out all the colors and had fun swirling paint over the canvas. There is no right or wrong here, the aim is to cover the entire canvas with paint and have fun while doing it.




painting canvas

Next, we tore up pieces of patterned paper and adhered it onto the canvas. This sounds simple, but is so much fun to do with a four year old. And this will help add some texture to the background.


adhere torn patterned paper bits

Once this dried, I applied a thin layer of gesso on top of the paint and paper. This layer unifies all the layers beneath.

apply gesso onto canvas


Then we added one more layer of color on top of the gesso and let the canvas dry completely.

To represent the four seasons, I chose different textured papers and die cut shapes from them using the Fuse Creativity System®. I used an adhesive-backed fabric for a flower (spring), a yellow fiber paper for a sun (summer), an orange corrugated paper for a maple leaf (fall) and a silver metal sheet for a snowflake (winter). The Fuse die cuts all of these materials very easily.


FUSE dies representing each season

We then trimmed paper squares from patterned papers and some sheets of cork to mat the paper. These will act as frames for the nature elements we die cut previously.

paper trimmer and paper

The final step was to adhere down the papers and elements, and add the letters to spell out the seasons.

canvas with nature elements


finished canvas


Supply List



Patterned paper

Adhesive backed paper

Corrugated paper

Fiber paper