Tournament Time Party

  • Difficulty Rating: Intermediate
Tournament Time Party

I have always loved basketball.  Not just watching it, but playing it.

I was obsessed with 23 growing up in the early 1990s and played all through school.  To this day, shooting that orange ball through that hoop – whether for real, little kid style, or video game/pop-a-shot – is one of my favorite activities.

That said, it is that time of year again, when everyone stops and roots on their favorite college teams as they make their yearly march towards glory.  What better way to do that than with fun snacks, family, and friends?

Here is a fun little party I put together to help celebrate our favorite college team (unless you ask my husband – he would have a different answer!).  You can easily adapt and change colors to match your home favorite.

The first project is to create a basketball themed serving tray.  This one takes longer as you need to allow the resin to set up overnight.

To get started, I just grabbed an inexpensive clearance priced tray.  I then used my trimmer to cut 1” strips of thin balsa wood paper and then cut them to varying lengths to mimic the gym floor.  

Using your paper trimmer cut 1 inch strips

Using my adhesive, I apply them as you would a wood floor, without matching up seams or overlapping sizes.  My tray had rounded edges, so I used the corner rounder to round the edges.

I punched a circle of the basketball-textured paper that I found at a local craft store and adhered it to the middle.  Using the negative spaces of larger punched circles, I create the free throw area of the floor.  I looked online to just have a reference image of the floor while putting it together.

Tournament Time Serving Tray

I add the lines to the basketball and then follow all of the instructions on the resin and pour it over the tray. I needed to use two plungers worth of the Ice Resin.

The next project takes some time as well, so it would be the next one to work on.

I bought a paper maché cone at the craft store and used my Amplify® Mixed Media Shears to cut the top off of it.  

Cutting paper mache cone

I then painted it with an off-white paint and let it dry.

Decopage the cone

Once that is dry, decopauge your tissue paper on and let that dry.

Add in your masks – I had mine say “go” – and then paint with a darker color (red) over and let it dry. Carefully remove the letters to reveal your word.  

Now it is time to get punching…

Punching our banners and basketballs

Triangles to create little banners, circles to create basketballs, and then I used my trimmer to cut 1” squares. I also cut some coordinating paper with a scallop circle to add some fun interest.

You are going to use these to create a few different pieces.

I made some small banners using tape and twine to add to the bowls of snacks.

I then used my sewing machine and ribbon to create a banner to hang on the wall. I just used thin white ribbon and a simple straight chain stitch to put it together.

Sewing the tournament banner pieces

Finally I used my craft knife to cut little slits into some of the basketballs to add to my paper straws.

Cut little slits into some of the basketballs to add to my paper straws

The last item was to create the jerseys that I used to mark the snacks in the bowls.

I drew a basic template and cut it out of plain paper.

I then folded my red paper in half, and folded the template as well. Using my scissors, I cut out the number of jerseys that I needed.  

Cutting out jersey

I then quickly fast doodled around the edges to make it look more like a jersey back and then added letters and numbers.

I used the clothes pins to attach them to the bowls.

Completed tournament time jersey

Now all that was left was to put a few circle punches on some plastic cups with initials so that people knew whose was whose.  Then we got everything set up, everyone over, and kicked off game watching season in style!

Tournament time table decorations

Hope you have as much fun cheering on your hometown team as we did!

Supply List

Cheap plastic tray
Super thin balsa wood paper
Ice Resin
A range of circle punches
ProCision Trimmer
Craft knife
Corner rounder
Banner lever punch
Amplify sheers
Basketball textured paper
Tissue paper and letter masks from Hazel and Ruby
Paint and Brushes
Sewing machine
Paper straws
Clothes pins