AdvantEdge™ Punch Canvas

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Border Punch Canvas

Fast, simple, and yet a dynamic way to add some mixed media art to your decor.

The giant borders we can now punch with the Advantedge™ Punch System have had me using them in all sorts of different ways since the launch.  For this project, I wanted to demonstrate how you can use the positive and the negative space to create a pretty piece of art.

Steps to create:
1. Punch out a few shapes in plain cardstock to create a stencil.  I did one out of the larger Advantedge-sized punches and one from the smaller border punches.


2. Lay stencil onto the canvas and mist with the sprays.

DIY-Border-Punch-Mixed-Media-Canvas-mist with sprays

3. Let sprays dry.

DIY-Border-Punch-Mixed-Media-Canvas-punching shapes

4. Mist in any other areas you would like some additional color.

DIY-Border-Punch-Mixed-Media-Canvas-adding color

5. Begin punching a variety of sizes and shapes in different cardstock colors.

6. Layout a variety of placements and just have fun adding and moving the pieces until you are happy.

7. Using spray adhesive, begin to adhere your pieces down, starting with those on the bottom most layer and working to the top.

8. Drip on coordinating bolder colors in small amounts to add some more color and texture.

DIY-Border-Punch-Mixed-Media-Canvas-adding color and texture

9. Let everything dry.

This is a fast, simple, and yet dynamic way to add some mixed media art to your decor.  You can easily change up based off of your colors and tastes. 

Supply List



Spray mists

Spray adhesive