Ampersand Canvas

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Ampersand Canvas

This is a detailed mixed media canvas that will add drama to any wall in your house.

It is simple to put together, but has a few steps that you need to follow.

I printed an ampersand onto regular paper and carefully cut it out using the six inch Amplify® Mixed Media Shears. These Amplify® Shears are really nifty to get all those curves and corners cut out!

I then gathered my materials: some felt, cork, metal and burlap.

Ampersand Canvas step1

I used the eight inch Amplify® Shears to carefully cut out strips from the burlap, metal, cork and felt. I then adhered these strips onto the ampersand alternating the textures.

Ampersand Canvas step2

Once I had the entire ampersand covered, I flipped it over and carefully trimmed off the excess hanging over. You need to be slow in your cutting as you move from one textured material to another.

Ampersand Canvas step3

Once the entire ampersand was ready, I added it onto the canvas that I had prepared.

I wanted the ampersand to be the focal point, so I kept the background canvas simple. I tore strips of paper and newspaper and adhered this to random parts of the canvas and then covered the entire surface with two thin coats of gesso.

And that’s all!

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