Decorative Bathroom Basket

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Decorative Bathroom Basket

Diecut embellishments used to create basket tags are an easy way to not only help keep you organized, but also to add a bit of flair to a plain basket.

remove labels from a variety of cans

1. Begin by removing the labels from a variety of cans.

Spray paint the outside of the cans and line with patterned paper

2. Using spray paint made for painting metal, spray 2-3 coats of paint onto the outside of the cans. Measure around the can and cut a strip of patterned paper to that length plus 1 inch and slightly shorter than the height. Apply adhesive to one end of the strip, carefully roll the strip, and slip it into the can. Press on the section that overlaps to activate the adhesive.

Use the Fuse Creativity System to cut embellishments

3. I used the Fuse Creativity System® to create the scalloped circle embellishement to create a tag for labeling the contents of your basket.

Use ribbon to attach the embellishment to the basket

4. Stretch a length of ribbon very snugly around the basket overlapping the ends and holding them tightly. Slip the ribbon off the basket. Staple the ends of the ribbon together and attach the diecut tag to the ribbon over the stapled area using a metal bookplate and brads. Slip the ribbon back around the basket, centering the tag as desired. If the ribbon is not fitting snugly enough, you can apply dabs of hot glue to the back of the ribbon so it will adhere to the basket.

Fill your cans with cotton balls, cotton swabs, etc. and add some rolled up washcloths to the basket. You now have a pretty presentation of some very plain, ordinary items in your bathroom.

Supply List

Large basket
Empty food cans
Stamping ink
Patterned paper
Spray paint