Mark Montano: Melted Plastic Bracelet and Necklace

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Melted Plastic Bracelet and Necklace

I’ve been melting plastic for ages – even before I should have (my mother used to get mad at me for playing with the stove, and I deserved it). I can’t help it – what’s not to like? Put some plastic bottles over a flame, and suddenly fantastic shapes start to emerge!

Necklace instructions:

Cut out 25 ovals from your plastic bottle, varying in length from 1 to 3 inches.

Holding an oval with your needle-nose pliers, wave it over the candle to melt it into whatever shape you want.


Melt the rest of the ovals, wash them in soap and water to remove any soot, and dry completely.

Paint the edges of your ovals with gold paint and let dry.

Drill a hole in one end of each oval.


With pliers, add a jump ring to each oval, then connect the largest oval at the middle of your chain. Attach the rest of your ovals to the chain, using smaller ovals as you work each end toward the clasp.


Bracelet instructions:

Cut a ring of plastic from your bottle 1 ½- to 2- inches wide.

Cut an opening in the ring to form a cuff bracelet shape.

Holding the plastic ring over the candle flame with pliers, melt a little bit of the center section of the ring, observing how it reacts to the heat.


Continue melting and shaping the ring to form your bracelet.

Cut off any excess plastic at the cuff opening and melt the ends so they have a smooth edge and won’t scratch you when you put on your bracelet later.


Clean the cuff with soap and water to remove any soot, then dry it completely.

Paint the edges with gold paint and let dry.


Coat the outside of your cuff with the clear coat, then dip it in a pile of loose beads, rolling it to get beads all over the cuff. Let the clear coat dry.


Apply several additional layers of clear coat, allowing each coat to dry before adding the next, until the beads seem very secure and there are no “bald” spots.


Supply List

Needle-nose pliers – 2 pairs
Soap and water
Dry cloth
Gold enamel paint
Small paintbrush
Gold chain with clasp
2 thick plastic bottles (such as a 64-ounce Ocean Spray bottle)
25 jump rings that will fit through your chain
Polycrylic Protective Finish
1-inch paintbrush
About 1/8 cup black faceted beads (bugle beads work, too)