Monthly Mixed Media Ideas #2

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Mixed Media Heart Canvas

For the second installment of my mixed media series, I made a small canvas. This small canvas gives the perfect opportunity to explore some new techniques.

I chose a 5 by 5 inch canvas for this project. First, chose some paper doilies and form an arrangement over the canvas. Cut out a heart shape from white cardstock using a Fiskars Micro Tip Scissors No. 5.


Heart shape with doilies



Adhere the doilies down with some modge podge, and then cut them, folding them over edges of the canvas. If there are some slight wrinkles in the doily, that’s ok. Let this dry for a few hours and then gently sand the entire canvas. The sanding will create a roughness for the paint.




Next, using some watercolors, add color the canvas. Since I used watercolors, I added two coats of the paint. You could easily use acrylic paint, too. The idea is to add a few splatters of paint to create some interest in the canvas.


Watercolor paints on canvas


Next, cut a heart shape from some patterned paper. Stamp a chevron pattern and emboss using some gold powder. I purposely didn't stamp the image entirely here, I pressed lightly on the stamp, to give a slightly distressed effect.

Add some brads and stickers to bring color and texture to the heart shape.


Heart on canvas


Add a thick layer of modge podge onto the canvas now. Place some yellow twine onto the canvas while the adhesive is still wet. Cover the back of the heart with modge podge and press onto the canvas. Let dry.


Attach heart to canvas


Finally cover the entire canvas with a coat of modge podge or water based varnish and let it dry overnight. And that's it! The perfect addition to your Valentine's Day home decor.


Finished heart canvas


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Supply List



Patterned paper





Mod Podge

Foam Brush


Chevron Stamp

Gold Embossing powder

Heat Gun