Recycled & Upcycled Craft Organizer

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Recycled & Upcycled Craft Organizer

I really needed a good craft organizer to hold all my pencils, markers, brushes and craft supplies, and had been looking for one in stores for months now.

Inspiration struck one day and I decided that this could be something I could make myself!
I started by collecting supplies for this project—cereal boxes, paper rolls and a big box. The Amplify Mixed Media Shears™ makes it very easy to get a nice clean cut.

Recycled Upcycled Craft Organizer gather boxes and rolls

Next step was to make these boxes look pretty. I trimmed paper using the SureCut™ Deluxe Craft Paper Trimmer and then used mod podge to cover the rolls. I held the paper closed using some wide washi tape.

Recycled Upcycled Craft Organizer cover paper rolls

These paper rolls in themselves would make a pretty and useful pen holder!!

Recycled Upcycled Craft Organizer pen holder

I covered my box and containers with paper and put everything together to make my big organizer. I love the look of natural chipboard with these bright colors here. If you would prefer though, you can paint the insides of the rolls and boxes white.

Recycled Upcycled Craft Organizer boxe organizer

I then filled my organizer with all of my craft supplies. This is exactly what I needed and it was a fun upcycling and recycling project!

Supply List

Empty cereal boxes

Paper rolls

Oatmeal containers

Mod Podge