Reusable Lunch Bags

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Reusable Lunch Bags

This year, I’m trying to “green” our lunch routine by eliminating plastic baggies. Reusable lunch sacks – perfect for everything from sandwiches to pretzels – are easy to make with ripstop nylon scraps and Fiskars tools.

I started with 2 pieces of ripstop nylon, approximately ¼ yard each. I cut several rectangles out of the fabric, using Fiskars Softgrip No. 8 Bent Scissors. The great thing about these baggies is that you don’t have to be precise in measuring…a variety of sizes will meet all your lunch needs!


Fold each rectangle in half, and stitch up the sides. For one baggie, I folded wide bias tape over the edges to create a more “finished” look. On the other, I used the bias tape across the top. Want an “envelope” look? Use the Diamond Template as your guide in cutting out the flap.


Finish the edges of your baggies by trimming with Fiskars Pinking Shears – this eliminates the need to stitch each edge, and prevents the fabric from fraying. You’ll want a way to close your baggies (keep in mind, you won’t have a liquid tight seal)…I chose adhesive backed velcro squares to keep things simple. Enjoy!


Supply List

Ripstop nylon fabric


Wide bias tape


Adhesive backed velcro