Spring Vintage Canvas

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Spring Vintage Canvas

I am always so inspired by the colors, sights and sounds of Spring. Spring is here and I delight in all the wonders it brings. I’m happy to share with you a tutorial on a Spring Vintage Canvas and hopefully inspire you to capture a little bit of Spring in your life.


1. Turn the stretched/framed canvas over to the backside and generously paint the entire canvas with Crackle Paint. Allow the crackle paint to dry some but before the paint is fully dry, lightly paint areas of the canvas with acrylic paint. Be random and free with where you place the acrylic paint.


2. Cut out your printed image . . . in my case I chose birds for Spring. Adhere on canvas. I used pop dots to give the image a little extra dimension.

3. Punch edges of desired patterned paper and cut strips from the punched areas. Rip the ends . . . it doesn’t need to be perfect. Adhere the little strips and pieces randomly to your canvas both on the ‘inside’ and ‘outside’/wooden portion of the frame. This includes punching a strip of the ‘Leave it to Weaver’ border punch and weave a bit of ribbon through part of the punched element.


I use the little pieces that also are discarded in the punch. Use those as well to scatter on your canvas.


4. Print or in my case, cut out a title for your canvas. My title I took from patterned paper.


5. Using your compact Fiskars stamp press and Fiskars stamps . . . I stamped a border frame on a small portion of my canvas. The image didn’t come out really clear but I just wanted a portion of it and to add some color to the frame.


6. With the Spring Flora squeeze punch, punch out three flowers from patterned paper. I used both patterned paper and crepe paper . . . yes, crepe paper! Love it! Stack three of them together and slightly crinkle the flowers. Glue a top each other and add embellishments as you desire.


7. Another flower you can create with the Spring Flora squeeze punch . . . I might call ‘frilly’. You simply punch two flowers from patterned paper and three flowers from a newspaper type of print or paper. Stack and place a brad in the center to adhere them all together. Cut small snips in the newspaper print flowers and separate to give it some height.

8. Using tinted tape, I layered a couple of areas with small pieces of the ‘tinted tape’ for a little extra dimension and it also adds gloss.

9. Punch musical notes and adhere.

10. Add bits of burlap by cutting with Fiskars fabric scissors.


11. Water down some acrylic paint or decorative sprays and lightly paint over the birds or your image to give the image more detail.

12. Add embellishments as desired; ribbon (I placed different ribbons almost like a curtain on the canvas); buttons, plastic flowers, glitter, etc.


13. Spritz with spray.

14. Brighten up your living space with a new creation or give the canvas to a friend as a gift. Enjoy!

Cheryl Waters

Cheryl is one of the lead Fiskateers, #002, and enjoys teaching, scrapbooking, altered arts, fine art, and drawing. Cheryl enjoys ‘thinking outside the box’ with her projects and her style of scrapbooking leans more towards Shabby Chic, although she enjoys all styles of scrapping.

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Supply List

Printed Image of your choice (I chose birds for Spring)
Tinted tape
Spritz / Spray
Clear adhesive
Crackle Paint
Acrylic Paint
Crepe Paper
Patterned Paper
Framed Canvas
Misc. desired embellishments