Springtime Butterfly Bouquet

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Romantic Floral Design

Create this modern and romantic floral design with for a springtime wedding or gathering.

When I worked as a wedding florist, I always encouraged brides to work with what was in season whenever possible - that’s when flowers are the prettiest, most fragrant, and least expensive, too. 

I designed this Springtime Butterfly Bouquet with a bride in mind. The colors are bright, fresh, and both modern and romantic.  The butterflies add a little whimsy, fun and texture too. 

I would never recommend brides tackle all their own wedding flowers –it’s such a hectic time - but if you have a handful of crafty friends, they could help you create several of these arrangements to use as centerpieces, or decorate the wedding site.


Flowers in a bunch


Begin by prepping your flowers.  Clean all of the lower foliage from the flower stems, leaving just a couple of leaves just below the bloom.  Trim the stems with your hand pruners, and immediately place them in a vase of lukewarm fresh water and floral preservative.


Flowers in pitcher with pruner


Let your flowers drink for at least an hour before arranging.

In the meantime, you can create your butterflies for the bouquet. Select a few coordinating pattered papers, and cut out several butterflies using your Fuse and butterfly die. 


Fuse butterfly die


Place two adhesive dots on the butterfly’s body, add a thin floral wire, place a second butterfly on top, press down, and fold the top butterfly’s wings upward. Create at least three butterflies per arrangement.


bent butterflies tied with wire


Cut a small square of chicken wire and fold the edges under to create a ball. Place the ball in a watertight container. Add water and floral preservative. 

The chicken wire will create a structure for you to easily build your floral arrangement in.


flower pot


First, add the Snowball Viburnum. Cut the stems a couple of inches longer than the depth of the pot. Add them one by one, at an angle, distributing them evenly around the container. 


flowers arranged in pot


Add the yellow Stock. Don’t cut the stems too short or tuck them in too deep - let the tips of the stems protrude from the arrangement.


flower arrangement in pot


The Narcissus are next – because the blooms are so tiny, cluster several stems together.


close up of flowers


The tulips continue to grow once cut, so feel free to cut their stems a little shorter that the rest of the blooms – they will catch up.


all flowers arranged in pot


Last, add your butterflies.


flower arrangement with butterflies


Supply List

10 stems Snowball Viburnum

10 stems yellow Stock

10 stems Narcissus

10 stems tulips

Watertight container

Chicken wire

Floral wire

Patterned paper

Adhesive dots