Stamped Fabric Gift Bags

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Stamped Fabric Gift Bags

I love the thrill of finding just the right gift for a friend or a loved one – and I get as much of a thrill out of making sure that gift is beautifully wrapped.


I’ve used two new stamp sets from Fiskars – Butterfly Magic and All Around Quotes – to inspire these gift bags. Stamping on fabric is a quick and easy way to dress up these simply constructed bags and make them perfect for any occasion. If you don’t have a sewing machine, don’t worry! These bags are basically one rectangle of fabric with seams sewn up the sides, and you can easily replicate these projects with handstitching. I’ve sized these bags to fit three standard sized items – a cd, a dvd and a paperback book – you can play around with altering the dimensions to fit just about anything you can think of.


This first bag is sized to fit a cd. I started by trimming my fabric to 7x14in, and then hemming the top and botto. I fold the fabric in half and stitched a straight seam up either side. I flipped the bag right side out and began embellishing it.

I started by stamping the sentiment from the All Around Quotes set on a piece of scrap fabric that was backed with fusible interfacing, and then cutting it out with my SoftGrip MicroTip scissors. These scissors are perfect for detail work like this. I ironed it into place on the bottom corner of the bag, and then stamped several small butterflies on the fabric of the bag and added buttons randomly around them. To close the bag, I simply snipped small holes in the top of the bag at the front and back and tied baker’s twine through them. You could use a buttonhole stitch or a grommet maker for a more finished look if you wished.


The second gift bag is a bit larger, it’s the perfect size to hold a dvd or video game. Use your Comfort Grip Trimmer to trim your fabric to 7.5x24in, and then fold it in half.

Before stitching a seam up either side, I cut three lengths of decorative ribbon and laid them across the bottom of the bag, pinning them so that they’d get caught in the side seam as I stitched. I left the tops unfinished on this one – I wanted to use my Pinking Sheers to give them a decorative edge.


This last bag is perfect for holding a paperback book. I began by trimming my fabric to 8in x27in. I stitched a hem into both ends of the fabric, and then used my iron to create a crease 10in from one of the ends. This is where the bottom fold of your bag will be. Next, I stitched a seam up both sides of the bag.


Once I flipped the bag right side out, I hemmed the unfinished edges of the extra fabric along the sides. I also squared the corners of the bottom of the bag since a book is a bit wider and needs the extra space. I used a sentiment stamp on the bottom of the bag, and then stamped a dragonfly on a scrap piece of fabric and cut it out using my Pinking Sheers. I layered the stamped fabric over a small piece of pink fabric. I used fusible interfacing on both pieces of fabric and iron them in place on the flap of the bag. A row of brightly colored buttons finishes the bag.


The next time you purchase a gift – leave the wrapping paper and gift bag at the store. Instead, use these ideas and your Fiskars stamps to make a gift bag that’s as special as what’s inside.

Supply List


Solvent Ink or Fabric Ink




Fusible interfacing