String Art

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


String Art Spelling ‘LOVE’

String art, or pin and thread art, is something that I remember being mesmerized by as a child.

If you are looking for something to spruce up your home décor and need to be able to custom colors and designs to fit a specific theme, you might consider crafting something of your own.  String art is a very affordable craft that is simple even for a beginning crafter, yet entertaining enough for those more advanced.

The materials you’ll need are: a piece of wood (I’ve used MDF cut to 11” x 11”), word processing program, computer printer, cardstock, 1 ¼” finishing nails, and embroidery floss.


Border Punched Strips of Cardstock


Start out by cutting a variety of textures of cardstock in various shades of pink to 1 ½” x 12”. Use your border punches to add a decorative border along one of the 12” sides.  Cut a total of 27 strips. Punch all but one of the strips.


Strips Adhered to Wood


Adhere the un-punched strip to the bottom edge of your surface. Layer the remaining strips, overlapping one another to cover the entire surface of the board.


Detail Knife and Wood


Use your detail knife to trim off any overhang around the other three edges.


Printed Letters and Heart Template


Use your word processing program to enlarge your favorite font to create 4” letters for the letters ‘L, V, and E’.  Print them off and cut them out to use as a template.  Trace them onto cardstock and cut out.  Also, trace the largest heart from the Heart Shapes Template onto cardstock and cut out.


 LOVE Letters Arranged On Strips


Arrange heart and letters how you like them spaced and adhere to the border strips.


Nails in Board


Start nailing nails into your board. It’s best to start nailing at the points of each letter and then fill in the space in between.  Keeping an exact measurement for the space between each nail isn’t necessary.


Nails Strung with String


Once all the nails are in, tie embroidery floss in a knot onto a single nail and start weaving the floss around the nails to fill in the shape. You can make the stringing as dense as possible or leave it simple to allow the color and texture of the cardstock to show through. Once done stringing a particular color knot the floss off again and clip the tail of the floss close to the knot.

Supply List

MDF board
1 ¼” Finishing Nails
Embroidery Floss
Word Processing Program
Computer Paper