T-shirt Pillow

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
T-shirt Pillow

When I was given this challenge, I decided to create this fringed T-shirt pillow using Fiskars 28 mm Rotary Cutter.

It was just the tool to cut out the bold designs on the fabric I’d chosen and it made quick work of cutting the fringed trim.


1. Check that the extra large women’s tee will overlap the small pillow form size by 3-4 inches on all sides. This extra material will become the fringe trim. With the Rotary Cutter, trim off the top portion of the tee. Also remove the bottom finished edge and side seams from the tee with the Rotary Cutter. Set tee material aside.

03 2012 March Challenge- Tshirt Pillow 2

2. Again use the Rotary Cutter to cut out several large designs from the fabric you’ve chosen. I held my small 28mm Stick Rotary Cutter like a pencil to cut out the girly themed shapes. The small design made small curves and corners easy to cut. Don’t worry about the fraying as the pieces will be fine once they’re stitched onto the tee material.

03 2012 March Challenge- Tshirt Pillow 3

3. Plan out how the pieces will be positioned on the front tee layer of material. Take into account the 3-4 inch border around the rectangle, then pin each piece. I pinned 2 at a time, then machine stitched around the shape 3 times with black thread. Once these were done, I pinned additional pieces and stitched these as well. No need to be super neat, but be sure the edges of the cut outs are secure and remember to back stitch at the beginning and end.

03 2012 March Challenge- Tshirt Pillow 4

4. Once all the decorative cut out pieces have been stitched, match up the front and back tee layers. Use the Rotary Cutter again to cut a fringe edge around the pillow. To align corners, press and flatten the pillow with your hands. Remove the corner square and discard. Cut fringe pieces about .5 inch apart and 3 – 4 inches deep. The tee material may curl a bit.

03 2012 March Challenge- Tshirt Pillow 5

5. Separate the layers and place the pillow on top of the bottom layer. Lay the top layer on top of the pillow and adjust to align. Start at the corners and begin tying knots working from the corners out in each direction to get started. Take your time and be sure that each piece is matched with the corresponding fringe piece. Once all the knots are tied, the pillow is ready to use and enjoy!

03 2012 March Challenge- Tshirt Pillow 6
03 2012 March Challenge- Tshirt Pillow 7

Supply List

extra large (women’s) t-shirt (neutral color)

1/2 – 1 yard of large print fabric (recommend pattern with large designs to cut out); small pillow form (11 inches by 15 inches)