Winter Comfort Baskets

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Winter Comfort Baskets

Getting sick is the worst way to spend a cold day! Winter brings out the worst when it comes to colds and flu.

Cheer up a friend with this comforting gift basket of essentials to chase the germs away.

1. Gather items to include in your basket – easy items include chicken soup, tissues, hot tea, and a favorite magazine. Now it’s time to add a little homespun style to your gift!


2. Dress up a can of chicken soup by covering with patterned paper. Before wrapping the paper, use a border punch to create a pretty woven edge.


3. Plain tissue boxes are boring! Cover a panel with patterned paper, and adhere a diecut, embossed snowflake. Use foam adhesive to give the snowflake a bit more lift!


4. Add a handmade card with your get-well wishes. I wanted this card to mimic the quilted look of the patterned paper, so I simply layered squares to create the card base. Punched snowflakes & a personalized tag create a simple but thoughtful greeting.