Wrapped Present Adorned with Layered Rosettes

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Wrapped Present Adorned with Layered Rosettes

Don’t even give that store-bought gift bag a second look.

Gifts are still meant to be unwrapped.  But who would want to tear into this special package? Create a double-edged paisley border around a wrapped gift and top it with layered paper rosettes.

Here’s how:

1) Wrap a gift box with kraft-colored wrapping paper.

2) Create two orange strips of cardstock with the AdvantEdge™ Border Punch System and the paisley border design.

Wrapped Present pasiley-border-overlap

3) Overlap the two paisley border strips together to create a 4" wide decorative border.  Wrap it around the box.

4) Overlay a 1.5" chevron printed strip on the center of the paisley border.

5) Stack two rosettes at the top of the gift box.  (Find rosette instructions below.)  Embellish with a frilly, orange flower on top.

Wish Card step 1

For the rosette flower, begin with a 1.5" x 12" strip of cardstock.  Punch one long edge with a scalloped border punch. With a scoring tool, score vertical lines in between scallops.  

Wish Card step 2

Fan-fold the strip like an accordion.  

Wish Card step 3

Adhere the two free ends of the accordion-folded strip.  

Wish Card step 4

Push the center down, scallop edge on the outside, into a strong glue-dotted backing.

Supply List

Kraft paper