Everywhere Window Punch Design Ideas

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Everywhere Window Punch Design Ideas

The new Everywhere Window Punch gives you the freedom to punch anywhere on your paper!

This allows you to add windows in any location on your scrapbook page, card, or other paper craft. The Starter Set comes with a reusable base, clear alignment grid, and an interchangeable square punch design. Here's how you make a punch.


Load the square cartridge into the base with the square design facing up. It will only fit in one direction, so there's no worry of loading it incorrectly. Press down until it clicks into place. To remove the cartridge later, press into the circle at the bottom of the base to release the cartridge. Lay your paper over the loaded base and top with the clear magnetic grid.


The magnets will automatically align the punch in the correct position. At this point you can move the paper around to the desired location as the punch will now stay in position. You can use the grid to help line up perfect repeat punches. Once you locate the spot you wish to punch, load the top square punch onto the grid (it will only fit one way) and press down. Now you have your punch anywhere you wish with limitless possibilities!

The other interchangeable designs currently available are a Circle, Scalloped Circle, and Scalloped Square. These are all versatile designs that can get a lot of mileage.

Now that we know how to use the Everywhere Punch, let's see it in action! Adding circle elements to a layout is a fun way to add lots of different little bits and pieces without all of the chaos. Each circle houses a little arrangement of something new.


In this birthday layout, I punched several circles from a sheet of yellow cardstock and filled each differently, from an embossed spiderweb to my journaling to a festive shaker box. Shaker boxes are a great use for the Everywhere Window Punch. Not only can you punch the cut-out design, but with the punch's flexibility, you can also punch the design out of a thin sheet of self-adhesive craft foam for a perfect seal instead of messing around with foam adhesive dots.


Here's how to make the shaker box shown. Punch a circle onto your cardstock and punch the same circle from a sheet of self-adhesive craft foam. Adhere a piece of transparency (or recycle some clear packaging) over back of cardstock circle window. Peel the backing from the foam and adhere aligned over the back of the punched cardstock circle. Fill with shaker filler (this confetti is simply assorted cardstock punched with the one quarter inch circle hand punch) and adhere a piece of cardstock to back to seal which will show through to the front when confetti is relaxed.


The Everywhere Punch is perfect for adding windows to cards. But the design can be elongated as shown in this card. I wanted my sentiment to show through the front of the card, but it was too long for any of the designs. An easy solution is to line up a row of overlapping scalloped squares to form a scalloped rectangle!


Make your first punch where you want the right side of your rectangle to begin. Then slide the punch down and align the first set of scallops of the design with the last set of scallops of the previous punch. Continue down the line until you reach desired width.


Here's another fun technique to use with the versatile Everywhere Window Punch. Punch a design into your cardstock and then feed small punches (such as the hand punches and pop-up punches) up through the center to add punches from within. Here I added a circle of butterflies using the Butterfly Pop-up Punch.

The freedom to add windows anywhere you wish can open up many new opportunities in crafting! From adding peek-through windows on your mini-album pages to treat and gift bags, the Everywhere Punch packs a lot of versatile punch!