Sewing on Paper

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Sewing on Paper

Whether you are hand sewing or machine sewing, using thread is fun and is a perfect accent to any project!

I have never really been into sewing. Sure, I can sew on a button out of necessity and hand-sew badges onto my son’s scouts uniform. But now I just can’t get enough of a needle and thread for my paper projects – no fabric is needed!

Recently I have enjoyed hand sewing on my paper projects and it has started something that also brought out my sewing machine that I have had for five years and never used! It really is not that scary, and I found it very easy. I hope after looking through this article you will put away the fear of sewing and give it a try on paper!

items to start with

Hand stitching is the perfect way to start. You will just need a template, pencil, paper piercer, needle, and embroidery thread.

sewing the frame to start

I used the Fiskars Fuse Creativity System® Frame Design Set, which was a perfect template for my scrapbook layout. I traced the frame onto my layout and then used the paper piercer to punch the holes. Once I started sewing, I used a back stitch to make sure the thread went through each and every hole. This stich is basic and gives good coverage for your design.


This layout shows using the Fuse Circle Design Set and a basic basting stitch to accent your scrapbook layout.


Here’s a closer look:


Once you have mastered the hand sewing technique. You can dust off your sewing machine and start using it on your paper projects.

Here are a few suggestions when using your sewing machine with paper:

1. Have a separate needle for fabric and paper.

2. Paper causes lots of dust, so clean your sewing machine often when sewing with paper.

3. Stitch slowly for the best stitches.

4. Practice on a scratch piece of paper to ensure the tension is correct and you are getting the stitch you want.



Straight stitching is good way to begin sewing on paper projects. Using a variety of thread colors and the stitches that your machine allows, your projects will instantly have dimension and look different!


Sewing on paper is fun and creative. Your stitches don’t need to be perfect and you can reverse your stitching for a different effect. Also running stitches both vertical and horizontal make for an eye-pleasing layout.


After stitching is done, to secure your stitches, you can pull all threads to the back, trim the ends and tie a knot. I prefer to just tape the trimmed ends to the back of the project.


With these tips and tricks, I hope that you will enjoying using thread on your projects with some stitching to add just the perfect touch to finish your layout, card, or any paper project.

Supply List

Fiskars Fuse Creativity System Medium Die – frame

Fiskars Fuse Creativity System Medium Die – circle

Fiskars Microtip Scissors

Embroidery thread


Paper piercer


Sewing machine

Various thread colors