Mixed Media Mother’s Day Card

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Mother's Day Card

Making use of a wide variety of materials in your projects has never been easier when you put your Fiskars tools to the task.

1. Using a stamp or stencil, add a gesso to a piece of cardstock; either wipe the gesso on the stamp as if it were ink, or paint the gesso over a stencil with a brush. Allow gesso to dry. Rub over the cardstock with Gelatos in a mix of colors and use a brush to blend the colors together with water.

Coloring with gelatos

 2. Take one wet cotton ball and one dry cotton ball. Gently wipe over the gesso areas with the wet cotton ball to remove the gelato from the gesso. Pat with dry second cotton ball.

Use cotton balls to reveal resist

 3. Allow to dry, then use the hexagon punch to punch shapes from the cardstock.

Using Fiskars hexagon squeeze punch to punch hexagons

 4. Use the AdvantEdge™ border punch with the Antique Lace cartridge to punch a design from colored tissue paper. You may need to punch several layers of the tissue paper at a time, depending on the thickness of your tissue paper.

Using Fiskars AdvantEdge Border Punch

 5. Trim a piece of burlap to size and adhere the border design to one side.

Adhere border design to burlap

 6. Adhere the hexagon shapes to the burlap.

Adhere hexagons to burlap

 7. Trim a piece of cork sheet to create a banner shape and adhere to the burlap.

Add cut out piece of cork sheet to burlap

 8. Create some felt flowers and add to the front of the card.

Add felt flowers to cork piece

 9. Add a handwritten or typed sentiment to the cork banner, to finish.

Add your own sentiment to cork piece

Supply List

Assorted materials such as burlap, tissue paper, felt, cork and cardstock

Gelatos and paintbrush

Gesso and stamp or stencil


Cotton balls