Stamped Burlap Vase

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Stamped Burlap Vase with flowers

Stamped burlap vases are a beautiful way to present flowers with a handcrafted touch to mom this Mother’s Day! They are also pretty for your everyday home décor. 

For this set of vases, I used an empty oatmeal canister. You’d never know what was hiding under the burlap’s rustic charm. 

Placing a rubberband around oatmail box

For the oatmeal canister, I needed to add a vase inside since it isn’t waterproof. I dug around my cabinets to find a vase (or jars work well, too) that would fit. To mark my cutting line, I placed a rubber band around the canister evenly to mark. 

Using Fiskars craft knife to cut box

Use a craft knife on a protected surface to cut along the line. You can sand any uneven edges. I chose to remove the canister's label since burlap has a loose weave which can reveal colors from beneath. Tip: Whenever I buy an oatmeal canister specifically for crafting, I like to buy the generic version sold at my local dollar store. The label peels off so easily since there is very little adhesive.

Pulling string on burlap

A good way to cut burlap with minimal unraveling is to pull two strings from the weave at your desired cutting measurement. Pull one string (the burlap will gather as shown) and gently work the string out. Repeat with the neighboring string.

Using Fiskars Amplify mixed media shears to cut burlap

 Then cut down the center of the removed strings. Amplify® fabric shears are great for cutting burlap.

Using Fiskars butterfly stamps to decorate burlap

Now comes the fun part. I suggest cutting a scrap piece of burlap to play around with stamping different images. Due to the burlap’s loose weave, you will lose a lot of detail. Choose a stamp with a bold graphic where details aren’t important. This butterfly stamp worked very well with burlap. Press the stamp into an ink pad and then onto the burlap. Be sure to protect your work surface beneath as some ink will bleed through the burlap.

Painting instead of inking on Fiskars clear stamps

 When using acrylic paint instead of stamping ink, paint the color directly onto the stamp as shown and press into burlap.

Apply mod podge to oatmeal box

 Cover the canister or can with Mod Podge and press the burlap securely around. Allow to dry fully and trim off any excess. You can leave the edges raw or adhere ribbon as I have done at the bottom for a more tailored look.

Using Fiskars FUSE to create tag

The Fiskars Fuse Creativity System® made quick work of a butterfly letter pressed tag to coordinate with my vase for gift giving. It inked, debossed, and cut my tag all in one pass. Punch a hole into the tag to string onto vase to complete.

Supply List

Oatmeal cannister





Soup or Vegetable can