1 Punch 3 Ways: Petal by Petal Squeeze Punch

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
1 punch 3 ways

The ‘Petal by Petal’ squeeze punch is a must-have for anyone who likes crafting flowers.

The double petals lend to lots of options in floral design. However, I wanted to see what other things could be made with these shapes to get the most out of my tools.

Below are three ways to use the ‘Petal by Petal’ punch. 

Dimensional Flowers

Of course this punch is perfect for flowers. Here’s a way to get a lot of dimension easily!


flowers on framed photo


1.  Using a paper trimmer, cut three 12” x .25” strips of cardstock and glue into one, long strip.

2.  Punch approximately 12 to 15 petals from each of four colors of cardstock, one group of the small petals and three groups of the large petals.


punched our flower petals


3. Approximately six inches from the end of the strip, adhere the small petals overlapping in a row as shown using an extra strength glue stick along the strip. Continue down the strip with the large petals from light to dark until all petals are adhered.


petals adhered to long strip of paper


4. Roll the six inches at the end of the strip around a pencil. Continue rolling the rest of the petal strip around the pencil using a low-temp hot glue gun along the bottom strip to secure. Work in small sections so the glue doesn’t dry too quickly.


rolling strip of paper


5. Pull down each layer of petals to reveal flower. Hot glue a button at center to complete.


finished flower




After flowers, one of my favorite things to use in crafting is the butterfly! My daughter loves them as well, so I decided to decorate paper lanterns for her room.


butterflies on paper lantern


1. Fold a piece of cardstock or patterned paper in half and feed into the petal punch at an angle as shown. You will need to be at the edge of the fold to get the right angle with the punch. Repeat with the smaller petal shape using the same or a different paper. If the paper is too thick, you can punch each wing out individually.


punching wings for butterfly


2. Keeping the largest petal folded, cut off the tip of the curve at the same angle as the fold.


assembling petals together to create butterfly


3. Adhere the two sections of wings together and top with self-adhesive gems to complete.





Balloons come in handy for all kinds of celebrations! With clever cropping, these petals turn into very easy balloons!


finished balloon card


1. Punch a petal shape from the edge of a piece of cardstock leaving out the tip of the petal as shown.


punching out balloons


2. Cut two small snips from each side of the bottom angling in. From this snip, cut back out to the edge of the balloon, curving slightly to follow the balloon shape.


cutting ends of balloons


3. Tie on a cut of thread or hand-draw a string to complete.