1 Punch 3 Ways: Tag Lever Punch

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
tag lever punch

I consider having a tag punch a must-have. I use it for scrapbooking, gift giving, party labeling, and organization. This useful tool can pull double duty with a little creativity, too!

First of all it is useful for making tags of course! A fun way to add a little personality to a gift is by using a photo for the gift tag.


Tag Lever Punch


Find a silly or sentimental photo and print in reduced size onto cardstock or photo paper. Punch with the tag punch and then a hole punch to string into a gift. If you don’t have a photo handy, punch a tag from a fun patterned paper for an instant gift tag. Chalkboard cardstock would be fun to use, too!


Tags turned into the petals of a flower


Flowers are a crafting staple, and I wanted to see if I could create one using the tag punch with its pretty scallops.

Punch a tag from cardstock (or for a smaller flower like mine, punch it shorter as shown).


punching the tag punch


Mark the center of the bottom edge and score from this point to the end of the scallops on each side as shown. Use a ruler with a stylus or bone folder for a straight line. Cut the bottom corners off by trimming from the center of the sides to the center of the bottom as shown. This just allows the folds to lay flat. Fold in your flaps and adhere to secure.


Folding the tag punch shape into a flower


Repeat with seven more petals and glue onto a punched circle. Top with another circle to complete.


tag punch as frame


Again capitalizing on the punch’s scallops, you can create a decorative frame to add to your card sentiments. 

Punch a tag from cardstock and run back through the punch partially as shown to punch.


punching tag punch for frame


Layer with a text strip to complete.