Compass and Protractor Set

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Two durable tools essential to success in the classroom.

These two tools are must-haves for every student eight years old and up, and their durable designs mean they’ll withstand rough use by kids. Our Plastic Compass creates perfect circles and arcs with a single motion. A locking mechanism helps prevent mistakes, a dial marked with both inches and centimeters makes measuring easy, and the innovative plastic safety tip holds the compass in place without tearing or puncturing the paper. Our Plastic Protractor features bold inch and centimeter marks that simplify measuring, and a clear, shatter-resistant design that allows kids to see their project for improved accuracy.


  • Ideal for ages eight and up
  • Compass makes circles up to 12", and a locking mechanism ensures accuracy
  • Plastic safety tip holds compass in place without damaging paper
  • Compass works with pencils, pens and thin markers to maximize versatility
  • Compass includes a pencil
  • See-through Plastic Protractor offers improved project visibility
  • Shatter-resistant protractor design offers lasting durability
  • Both tools are marked with bold inch and centimeter marks to provide exact measurements
  • Lifetime warranty


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Compass and Protractor Set

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