Mess-Less Sharpener

  • Item: 12-95900J

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Sharpen pencils and crayons with absolutely no mess!

Our easy-to-use Mess-Less Sharpener gives a new edge to both pencils and crayons without creating a mess of shavings. Simply insert the pencil or crayon, squeeze the Mess-Less Sharpener’s ends, turn to sharpen and release. All of the shavings will be trapped inside the durable container.


  • Ideal for ages five and up
  • Sharpens both pencils and crayons for convenient all-in-one usability
  • Easy-to-use spring-action design
  • Shavings are conveniently trapped inside
  • Remove endcaps to empty shavings
  • Available in pink/purple, green/teal, blue/teal and red/black
  • Lifetime warranty


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Mess-Less Sharpener

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