Easter Bunny Treat Bags: Mixed-Media Style

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Mixed Media Bunny Treat Bag

A small bunny treat bag doesn’t always have to fall into the cutesy category.

When gifting things to the adults that grace my life, I like to put together something that looks a little more sophisticated with a touch of cute.  This more sophisticated look is achieved by using a wide variety of bits and baubles with different textures to decorate the bunny’s features mixed-media style. It looks rather complicated at first glance, but I assure you it is far from it.


Scored Paper with Fiskars Paper Trimmer


First, using your paper trimmer, cut your cardstock to 4” x 12”. Next, score the length of your paper at 1”, 5” and 8”. Fold and crease along scored lines.


Paper Covered with Sewing Pattern


Cover the 1” and 4” panels with a tape runner and apply torn pieces of a recycled sewing pattern over the adhesive, leaving the 3” panel uncovered. Cut off any overhang using your scissors.


Fiskars Fingertip Detail Knife


On the inside of your bunny treat cover, cut two 1” slits for the ears using your fingertip detail knife.


Fiskars XXXX Large Circle Punch


Use the XXXXLarge Circle Punch to punch a single circle from coordinating patterned paper. Insert the circle back into the punch to punch two bunny ears.  Slip the point of the ears into the slits you previous cut and adhere the tip to the inside of the treat bag with mini glue dots.


Stapling Treat Bag Closed


Fill a small cellophane bag with treats. Fold over the top of the cellophane bag and staple closed. Then, set the filled bag in the 3” panel and bring the 4” panels up on either side. Wrap the 1” panel over the opposite 4” panel and staple closed under each ear making sure to catch the cellophane bag in the staples.


Fuse Creativity System Die Cut Label


Embellish the treat bag with various bits and baubles to add features to your bunny. Use metal frames, buttons, pearls, gems, or the like for the eyes. Use your Fuse Creativity System along with the Mirror Die Set to create a label for the front of your treat bag.  Once you’ve cut your die, stamp with a sentiment stamp.


Detail of Bunny Facial Features


Apply the label to the bottom front of the treat bag. Layer a cluster of floss and curled jewelry wire along with a pink button at the top portion of the die cut to resemble the bunny’s nose and whiskers.


Add Seed Beads to Bunny Ears


Add finishing details to the inset of the bunny’s ears using mesh and seed beads. To add the seed beads, lay the treat bag on your work surface so the ears are flat. Apply clear dimensional adhesive and pour the beads into the puddle of adhesive. Allow to sit for an hour to dry before lifting up and shaking loose beads off.


Bunny Tail


Finally, use mini-muffin paper wrappers to add a tail to the back of your treat bag.

Supply List

Sewing Pattern
Metal Findings
Seed Beads
White Floss
Jewelry Wire
Glue Dots
Clear Dimensional Adhesive
Small Cellophane Bag
Mini Muffin Paper Wrappers
Jelly Beans
Tape Runner