Super Costumes for Super Kids

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Super Costumes for Super Kids

Summer, while always fun and exciting, can begin to wear on those little people in our lives during the hottest or rainiest of days. Here is a fun project to do to ensure a Super Day with your little heroes!

I love crafting with my kids – that is no secret. Creating something that they can use for playtime, well, that is just an extra bonus. My boys love to be superheroes and this gave them a chance to design their own gear.

Here are the simple steps to creating a superhero t-shirt and wrist cuffs (you know, to communicate with base or keep your captain’s log…)

The Super Shirt

1. Print off the design templates (these were quickly created with shapes in Microsoft Word – you can even make your own).


2. Have the kids cut them out and then trace them onto the back of the felt you will iron on.


3. Using Fiskars Kids Scissors again have the kids cut out their felt shapes.

4. Trace some other fun shapes using the Ultra ShapeXPress templates and have them cut those out as well. You can also freehand shapes to cut out as well, like I did for Jacob's "J."


5. Parental Job - Roll on GlueArts FabricBond adhesive


6. Using a HOT iron, iron on the shapes to your t-shirt


7. Let cool.

The Communication Cuffs

1. Parental job - unless your kids can use adult pinkers – Cut two 1½ inches – 2 inches strips of felt with pinking shears.


2. Have the kids trace and cut out more shapes that they want on their cuffs – we did circles and stars.


3. Parental job - Again using the GlueArts FabricBond Adhesive you are going to adhere the Velcro. One trip with Velcro is to put the two pieces together then cut them, that way everything lines up properly. Now roll your adhesive on one side, heat it through the felt side and adhere. Repeat with the other side of the felt. Be sure your iron is on its highest setting as these are thick layers.


4. Adhere your child’s fun detail pieces.

5. Let cool.

Now, in the pictures, my kids are also wearing coordinating masks. I used my pinkers and their scissors and free-hand cut these. Fold your felt in half and cut something that looks kind of like an oval until you get the desired shape. Fold it in half again and use regular scissor to cut the eye holes.

Note: the Fiskars kids scissors we used went easily through all 4 layers of felt. Finally, cut a little slit on each side and add your ribbon.

Now your kids are ready to save the neighborhood, backyard, or even local ice cream stand from the forces of evil and find a fun way to spend a few hours even on the most boring of summer days!


Supply List

Plain white t-shirt
Variety of felt in different colors, with and without glitter
Iron and iron-safe surface
GlueArts FarbicBond Adhesive
GlueArts Glue Glider PRO