New Year’s Eve: Kid Style

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
New Years Eve Kid Style

One of my favorite childhood memories is staying up late to ring in the new year.

It seemed so grown up and exciting!

This year you can help the new generation make those memories even more special by hosting a family friendly party. With simple and colorful decorations, dressed-up games, and fun accessories, you can’t go wrong.
First, set the stage with bright colors and a little sparkle. Tulle pom poms are easy to make and cost-effective. They can be either hanging or table-top decorations.


To make the pom poms, start with two yards of tulle (add more tulle for larger or fuller pom poms). Using Fiskars scissors, cut down the fold of the fabric. After doing so, there will be two pieces of tulle the same size – one on top of the other.

With the layers of fabric together, fold the fabric back and forth – accordion style. For larger pom poms, made the folds wider.

Once folded, keeps the folds on the top and bottom edges. Gather the fabric (open edges) from each side and tie tightly in the center.

Cut the folded edges apart with Fiskars scissors. Then pull all the layers apart to create a full pom pom. Add self-adhesive jewels to the tulle for a bit of sparkle.


A party wouldn’t be a party without costumes, right? Buy glittery top hats at a party supply store and add handcrafted accents.

Cut a 12 inch long strip of paper (width can vary) with the Fiskars SureCut Deluxe Craft Trimmer (12"). Using the paper trimmer or Fiskars scissors, make even vertical cuts the length of the paper (do not cut the strip all the way through; leave approximately a quarter of an inch uncut along the top of the paper). Roll the paper up from one side to the other. Open the cut ends and then tuck the paper roll behind the ribbon band added to the party hat.


Keep the party going with a dressed-up game. Try Bingo with punched shape markers. Simply punch stars and moons from pre-glittered paper using the Starry Night Lever Punch and Medium Twinkle Twinkle Squeeze Punch.

And before you ring in the new year, don’t forget to commemorate the past year in a time capsule. Buy a clear jar and add a band of patterned paper inside the jar. Embellish the paper with Diamond Edge Border Punch and back it another band of contrasting paper before placing it inside. Then let the party goers each add pictures, notes, and other items that represent the year.