Bug Box for Kids

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Bugs in a box

Have you got bored kids on your hands?  Have them get creative and craft a Bug Box!

As a child, my friends and I spent many summer days capturing bugs and butterflies.  They were placed in jars filled with grass, twigs and a cap full of water.  We punched holes in the lid for air.  

Here’s a fun project for a bored kids on a slow summer day – a paper version of those worlds we created for bugs and butterflies.

To begin, gather a couple of shades of green cardstock.  Use your paper trimmer to cut four or five wedge shapes measuring 12 inches long, 1.5 inches high on one end, and .5 inches high on the other. Punch a border along the slanted side of the wedge using the Grass Border Punch.  Fold the strips of grass accordion-style so they fit inside your clear plastic Chinese take-out box. 

Punch a few branches with your Branch-Out Lever Punch.  Glue the branches vertically on the backside of the grass blades.  


grass border punch and branching out shapes


Measure your box, and cut a rectangle from a floral or nature-motif cardstock to line the backside. Slide the rectangle into the box, and use a small piece of clear double-stick tape to secure it to the back.

Insert your accordion-fold grass pieces into the box.


punched out shapes in box


Use the Petal-By-Petal squeeze punch to create your bugs. Punch a few shapes from several shades of cardstock. Use the small circle for the heads of the bugs, and the petals for the bodies and wings.  I used a tiny hole-punch to make the eyes, but you can use markers to draw facial features or other details on the bugs.  Use glue or dimensional foam dots to join the bug parts.

Attach your bugs to the grass blades and branches with foam dots and close the lid of the box.

Trim the handle of the box with a simple bow.


petal by petal pieces turned into bugs



Still bored? Make more! Challenge the kids to use other shapes and papers to create different bugs to live in the box.

Supply List

Clear plastic Chinese take-out box

Several shades of green cardstock

Assort cardstock colors

A floral or nature-motif cardstock

Dimensional foam dots

Double-stick tape

Paper Glue