Crafting with Your Kids

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Crafting with Your Kids

I am blessed with two amazing children - an 18 year old girl, and a 13 year old boy.

Both have inherited my sense of sarcasm, my love of going barefoot, and my aversion to cleaning. Hope is following in the family footsteps of writing, and majoring in journalism next fall. Austin loves to write stories, and design t-shirt logos. Both kids learned to wield a camera at an early age. I sincerely hope that these are signs that my children have inherited my love of all things creative and handmade. How do you instill that crafty spirit in your kids? Read on for a few tips for handing down creativity through the ages...

Teach yourself to share.

When my kids were little, I was always reminding them to share. I taught them that sharing was one way to show your friends that you cared about them. Sharing is caring! Now, I encourage my kids to use my supplies and tools. If my Fiskars trimmer goes missing, it’s likely in my son’s room…he likes to make collages for his walls out of snowboarding magazines. My daughter has covered her walls in magazine clippings and photographs…teen creativity at it’s best!


Play together.

Older and younger kids will enjoy creating projects alongside you! Sure, sometimes crafty time is an escape…but sometimes it’s also a terrific family activity. As you’re sitting down to scrapbook, invite your kids to join you. My daughter created this beautiful layout using Fiskars tools. I’ve created several layouts of the same event…so I really loved seeing her creative perspective.


Share creativity with grandparents.

One of the easiest ways to encourage kids to be crafty is to involve them in card-making. It’s a great way to let kids express their creative side, while bring a smile to a grandparent’s face. Older children can create the cards by themselves; while younger children can help you punch shapes or glue pieces together. The Fiskars Lever Punches are great for children to use because the punched shapes are held by a “confetti catcher.”


Create fun (and crafty) activities.

Younger children will have a ball with projects that you create just for them. You can take the lead in putting together the project, but get lots of input on colors and photos. I created these simple ABC flashcards using Fiskars border punches and squeeze punches. After sliding the cards into badge holders, you can tie them together with ribbon, or gather them on a binder ring. Crafty projects make learning fun!


Instilling a love of creativity in your children is one of the best traits that you can share with them!