Gardening with Kids: Planting Seeds

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Gardening with Kids Planting Seeds

While children love helping to plant seeds in the garden and equally love to see the first growth popping up through the surface, the wait between the two stages can really try their patience!

I recently found a project that is supposed to allow them to watch the process of a seed germinating by trapping the seeds between the inside of a glass and a piece of construction paper and filling the glass with water. After 2 attempts, I found myself with fermented, not germinating beans! So I've made some revisions that I'm hopeful will better control the amount of moisture the seeds receive and give me the results I'm looking for.

kids garden craft 1

I began by cutting piece of brown construction paper long enough to roll up to cover the inside of a clear glass. I soaked the paper in water to saturate it and fit it inside the glass. The glass was filled with potting soil and the beans slipped down between the glass and the brown paper liner. I also pushed a few beans down in the dirt and followed by watering the soil well.

Next I cut a piece of blue paper long enough to cover the outside of the glass. I made it long enough that the edges overlap by about 2 inches. I cut a strip of brown paper to go along one long edge of the blue paper. Wrapping the glass with the paper to create a sleeve, I adhered the two overlapping ends well and had a sleeve with a sky and dirt to start my canvas.

kids garden craft worm

To make a worm, I used the Extra-Large Oopsie Daisy Squeeze Punch, cutting off two petals as shown. Details can be added using a marking pen or, as seen on the finished sleeve, can be added using a combination of a writing pen and circle hand punches.

kids garden craft flower

To make the flower, I layered 2 Loves Me, Loves Me Not Extra-Large Squeeze punched flowers and placed a circle punched using the Circle Pop-Up Punch in the center. Again, eyes can be made using the circle hand punches. The 1/4 inch Heart Hand Punch makes a perfect little mouth! I adhered the flower head to a stem punched using the Branching Out Extra-Large Squeeze Punch.

gardening with kids sun rays

To make a sun, I punched a circle using the Round 'n Round Extra-Large Squeeze Punch. The rays were be made using the Twinkle Twinkle Extra Large Squeeze Punch, cutting and layering the pieces as seen here.

kids craft finished sleeve

Once all the embellishments were completed, I adhered them to the sleeve and slipped the sleeve over the glass. Your child can lift the sleeve on your glass to peek daily (or more frequently!) at the progress of the seed germination. The sleeve provides not only a "blindfold" to add to the element of surprise but also provides the germinating seed with the darkness it needs. An online search or the addition of reading from a book about seed germination will help the child understand what's happening as roots and a sprout begin to emerge. The seeds buried in the dirt should germinate at the same time giving the child both an underground and above ground perspective of what's taking place!
Remember to keep the soil watered enough that the brown construction paper remains consistently wet.

Supply List

Clear glass, brown construction paper, blue patterned paper to create a sleeve for the glass, various patterned paper scraps

Basic Grey Origins Patterned Papers were used on this project.

My Mind's Eye Quite Contrary Papers were also used.