Nature Journal

  • Difficulty Rating: Intermediate
Nature Journal

I like experimenting with craft foam since we have a ton of it in the kids' craft drawer.

My daughter is really getting into journals, so I wanted to stock her up with a bunch to use during the summer with different themes. Combining the two, I came up with embossed foam journal covers!

1. Heat brown craft foam with heat tool on protected surface. Be sure to keep the heat gun constantly moving so you do not scorch the foam.

2. Very quickly place Woodgrain Texture Plate onto heated foam and press firmly and evenly. If you aren't happy with the embossing, simply heat the foam back up and it will flatten before trying again.


3. Trim embossed foam to size of design with trimmer and run ink along embossing if desired to make the design more defined.

3b. Repeat steps 1 and 2 onto purple foam using Filigree plate.

4. Cut out butterfly using Ultra ShapeXpress and Butterfly Shape Template. Tear or cut the rest of the way through foam.


5. Ink over butterfly's embossed designed with assorted metallic inks. Sew onto woodgrain cover with button and title.

6. Trim notebook paper and chipboard to size of cover.

7. Punch two holes into cover and mark position on inside pages and back cover to punch or drill.

8. Run rubber band though one hole on front around twig and feed back through other hole around twig for binding. Any usual binding can be used, but I just wanted to keep this journal nature inspired.


The hand punches work great with craft foam, too. Here's a peek at the next journal I am making, a nighttime journal, with stars punched into the cover.

Supply List

Craft foam

Heat tool

heat resistant craft sheet

assorted metallic stamping inks


notebook paper

wooden button


rubber band