Toddler Routine Chart

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Toddler Routine Chart

I made this simple and fun chart to help my little girl understand how her day was going to pan out.

My daughter is still a toddler, and doesn’t really do many chores around the house as of yet. I basically needed to establish the everyday routine - brush your teeth, only half hour cartoon time, quiet play time, craft time, reading time and meals. The same chart concept would work if you have older children and you needed to assign chores to each of your kids.

Once I had the idea of this Toddler Routine Chart, I first looked for some kind of chalkboard. I found these chalk wall tiles that worked perfectly for my project. If you can’t find these easily, you can always use some chalk paint instead.

Since my daughter is too small to read words yet, I printed photos of our daily activities.

printed photos of your daily activities

Next I trimmed my photos to size, each photo measures 2.5 by 2.5 inches here. I also trimmed my chalk tile into 2.6 by 11 inch strips.

Next trim your photos to size, each photo measures 2.5 by 2.5 inches

I used a cream cardstock, trimmed to 8 by 24 inches as my chart base here. I then added the chalk tile. I used washi tape to adhere the photos right above the chalk. Using washi tape is an easy way to switch out photos. You can use any kind of removable/ repositionable adhesive here.

I added a title using some green stickers.

I added a title using some green stickers.

My toddler loves this routine chart already! She loves that she gets to check things off as and when they are done. This is also a great way for her to know what is coming ahead in the day. On the days she has some classes (like soccer, or swimming) I switch out one photo and add a photo of her being in class. As she gets a little older, I can already see that I can add photos for small chores around the house- make the bed, help with the dishes etc.


Supply List

Chalk tile/ Chalkboard paint
Washi tape
Alphabet Stickers- thickers