Fairy Houses

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Fairy Houses

Summer is an excellent time to ensure that your kids are spending tons of time outdoors, soaking up the sunshine (wearing sunscreen, of course), and playing in nature.

Want a fun activity to get them started? Try building fairy houses!

Fairy houses are miniature dwellings that encourage fairies and their friends to come for a visit. They encourage highly creative and imaginative play. Children have the opportunity to create a whimsical setting in the garden that offers hours of entertainment.

I first learned about Fairy Houses from my cousin’s daughter, Jocelyn. She has created a beautiful home in her mother’s garden for her fairy friends. I asked Jocelyn to share a bit about her creations. Here’s what she had to say:


What do you love most about making Fairy Houses?

“I love thinking about the fairies and hoping that they could bring me a little something for keeping them safe from the rain (because if it really does happen, then they can't fly with wet wings.) Sometimes I try to make them little umbrellas. I want there to be fun places for them to visit. They bring me flowers to help make it beautiful. They bring me spring stuff because I'm a nature fairy. I take care of the house and rearrange things so that the fairies are surprised a little bit each time they come.”

How would you describe the most beautiful Fairy House?

“It's kind of like a flower. It would be an upside down flower with a little door on it. The flower would be pinkish red. The door would be the color of the sunset and it would change colors in the sun. It would have a little garden around it with flowers that they brought me. There would be flower plants growing kind of like a teepee. There would be clothes – skirts and little dresses – inside it for the fairies.”

I adore Jocelyn’s creative spirit, and the whimsy that she brings to her garden. I used my Fiskars tools to create a few little “extras” for her fairies…a welcome sign, and flower shapes to create a garden path. I hope that Jocelyn’s fairies enjoy these little touches!