Paper Lanterns

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Paper Lanterns

I love decorating the house for special occasions such as holidays, birthdays and the occasional Queen’s Jubilee, and though I adore the sweet tissue paper poms that have been so popular in recent years, I felt like changing things up, so came up with these pretty star shaped lanterns.

They can be hung from a hook on the wall or hung down from the ceiling in groups of varying sizes. They are simple and inexpensive to make, and with a few lovely Fiskars punches, they can be endlessly personalized to suit your own style.

To make your own star lantern like mine, start by cutting a square from cardstock or paper. My squares measured 6” across for the larger lanterns and 3” for the smaller one. By starting out with bigger or smaller squares, you can make different sized lanterns. I cut 12 squares for my lanterns, though you can experiment with how many points to your star you prefer.

trimming paper

Fold your squares in half along the diagonal then bring the two side corners into the middle and fold flat.

folding squares

Open up and trim off the left fold you made, leaving the right fold as a flap to glue each point together.

trimming the square

Take two folded points and glue together at the side flap. Select your favorite Fiskars punches and after marking with a ruler where to place the holes, punch the cardstock on the fold in order to get an even pattern on both sides.

gluing first points

Work your way around the star joining each new point to the previous one, before punching.

piecing them together

Another option is to use border punches along the outside edges and different lever punches along the center. I recommend using border punches on the star points before they have been glued together. The possibilities really are endless and it’s fun to experiment with a few different designs before committing to your favorite.

using a border punch to embellish
border punch alternative

Join the last two points together to complete the star.

joining the last points together

I finished the centers of my lanterns by adhering a small punched shape to the tips of the star.

finished lanterns

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