Summer Kids Crafts: Under the Sea Creatures

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Summer Crafts Sea Creatures

Looking for a sure cure for bored kids - make sparkly sea creatures!

This project is a great way to keep your children entertained on hot summer days when they’re stuck inside. With minimal supplies and only a few tools, these fun sea creatures can be created in a variety of sizes and colors by a wide range of ages.  

Creating the Octopus

Sea Creatures making legs for the Octopus

1. Begin by cutting eight “legs” for the octopus from card stock.

2. Punch one side of the leg with the Bubbles Boarder Punch. Other border punches will work too, but this one nicely mimics the suction cups of the octopus tentacles.

3. Trim the opposite edge of the leg with the Pinking Paper Edger.

4. Round the tip of the leg with a pair of scissors to create a foot.

5. Take a paper or plastic cup and cut a crepe paper circle that is 3 times the diameter of the cup.

6. Run a strip of double-stick tape along the inside of the lip of the cup. Peel the backing off of the double-stick tape.  

Sea Creatures Octopus making the body with crepe paper and a cup

7. Place the cup in the center of the paper, and wrap the paper around, into the cup then press the edges to the tape until it sticks.

8. Use glue or double-stick tape to attach the legs inside the wrapped cup.

9. Wrap each leg around pencil or thick marker to curl them slightly.

Sea Creatures attaching the octopus legs

10. Use your large Petal by Petal Squeeze Punch to create eyes and eye balls for the octopus.

11. From a large punched circle, trim away a scrap to create a smile.

Sea Creatures making the octopus eyes using Fiskars Petal by Petal Squeeze Punch

12. Attach the eyes and smile with paper glue.

13. Complete the creature by polka-dotting the surface with lots of adhesive rhinestones.

Sea Creatures Octopus adding the eyes and a smile

Creating the Crab
1. To create the crab, wrap red crepe paper around the cup and tape it down, just like you did with the octopus.

2. Cut three pairs of legs from red card stock using Pinking Paper Edgers.

3. Punch two large circles and cut both in half using the Edgers to create the “claws”.  

4. Punch out a pair of eyes from white card stock using the Petal by Petal Squeeze Punch.

5. Punch a sliver of a circle for a smile.

Sea Creature cut out the crab legs and claws using the Fiskars Pinking Paper Edger

6. Attach all of the parts to the crab body using paper glue or double-stick tape.

7. Decorate with adhesive-backed rhinestones.

8. Crease at the “ankle” and “knee”.

Sea Creature Crab with eyes and a smile

 Now that you have the basics, you can try other sizes of cups and colors of paper to create a variety of creatures.

Supply List

Blue card stock

Blue crepe paper

Red card stock

Red crepe paper

White card stock

Black card stock

Adhesive gems

Double-stick tape

Paper glue

Plastic cups