Six Easy Steps to Gardening with Kids

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
6 Easy Steps to Garden with Kids

Kids are eager gardeners. They love to experiment with colorful flowers, have an adventurous sense of design, and getting dirty doesn’t bother them a bit.

Kids also take an interest in gardening as an organized project. A vacant spot in your yard or that of an elderly neighbor who wants to add some pretty to their space is a great place to have fun with kids by planting a flower garden.

Gardening with Kids picking a spot to garden and loosen the soil

Find your spot: To get started, all you need is a bare patch of ground in a sunny place. To make planting easier, prepare the spot by shoveling weeds out of the way and turning the soil lightly with a shovel.

Identify the proper plants: The plants in a child’s garden should be independent, self-sustaining survivors that thrive without coddling and bloom without reinforcements of fertilizer. Cosmos, zinnias, verbenas, and vincas are good choices. With a couple of six-packs of plants and a young gardener as an apprentice, you can create a beautiful space that will thrive, even if they forget about it after a while.  

Gardening with Kids choosing the right plants for the garden

Plan the planting space:  Kids like to decide where plants go in a flowerbed, although they don’t mind a few suggestions (tall plants in the back, for example).

Encourage and educate on how to plant:  Children are quick to catch on to the trick of taking plants out of their plastic pots and carefully loosening up pot-bound roots. Their small hands are just the right size to tamp the soil down around a plant.


Leave the labels:  A few labels are useful. Labels help kids remember the names of plants. Labels in a kid’s handwriting will charm anyone who happens upon the flower garden and adds to the feeling of ownership.

Water, water, and water: When the flowers are all planted, water them well: in any garden, thorough watering helps plants get off to a good start, and in a spot that might not receive regular attention, it’s even more important. The heat-loving flowers will take off as the weather warms up. In really dry weather, round up the kids and a couple of watering cans, and go check on your outpost of bloom.

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