Kids Crafting – Paper Punch Hawaiian Lei

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Kids Crafting – Paper Punch Hawaiian Lei

Here’s a super simple craft for kids to make for an upcoming Hawaiian theme Luau or simply as a project to brighten a rainy day.

My little guy had a blast using some of Fiskars new Lever Punches along with some recycled straws and patterned paper scraps to string together this cute paper punch Lei.


1. Punch out 30 or more various flowers from a mix of patterned paper.

2. Use the 1/16 inch Circle Hand Punch to create a hole in the center of each flower.

3. Use scissors to cut 1/2 inch segments from the drinking straws.

4. Cut a 24 inch long piece of stretch beading elastic and temporarily tie a knot at one end.

Paper Punch Lei 1

5. Start threading the flowers and straw segments. Be sure to vary the pattern to make it more interesting.

Paper Punch Lei 2

6. Once the Lei is to a desired length untie end knot and tie ends together. Enjoy!

Paper Punch Lei 3

Supply List

Bo Bunny Paradise collection

Drinking straws

Stretch elastic cord for beading