Summer Reading for Kids

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Summer Reading for Kids

School’s out! Kids are rejoicing at the thought of 3 months of “free” time this summer – no homework, no tests, and no report cards.

That doesn’t mean that summers need to be book-free though. Creating a fun summer reading program is a great way to keeps their minds engaged & active! Here’s how to create a wild & crazy summer reading program that the kids will actually enjoy!

Check out local summer reading programs

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Many libraries & bookstores offer summer reading programs, but also take a look at banks, grocery stores, and other local businesses. You may be surprised at where you’ll find support! One advantage of these programs – they often offer a great prize at the end.
Help your child decorate their very own book bag to make library or bookstore trips even more personal!

Draw inspiration from summer reading lists

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You may first want to check with your child’s teacher to see if the school has a summer reading list. Your local library is also a great resource. There are a number of great online sites for reading lists. Keep your child’s interests in mind – you want summer reading to be fun & interesting rather than a chore. offers a terrific list that is searchable by age.

Amazon offers age-appropriate lists.

Scholastic offers reading lists, along with their own reading challenge.

Work reading into weekly activities

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Make reading time fun by weaving it into other activities. Take books to the beach or the park for a change of venue. Host a “read under the stars” event and provide blankets & flashlights for outdoor reading fun. Organize a neighborhood book club, and encourage the kids to share their thoughts on the chosen book. Plan fun activities & snacks for book club meetings, such as providing crafting supplies for making bookmarks. Encourage & reward reading!

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Many business or school-sponsored reading programs appeal to kids because they turn reading into a game. Decide on whether you’ll track completed books, or total time spent reading (taking the child’s skill level into consideration), and create a chart to track progress. Award your readers with a fun certificate, or a small prize when they reach milestones throughout the summer. Even though the goal is to instill a love of reading, it helps to have a little encouragement along the way!