Project Orange Thumb Fact Sheet

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As a leader in the garden industry, Fiskars launched Project Orange Thumb to celebrate the endeavor of community gardening and all that it represents: creative expression, beautiful outdoor spaces, civic and community collaboration, healthy hand-grown foods and sustainable living.


Project Orange Thumb is a community gardening initiative that provides groups across the U.S. and Canada with tools, materials and resources they need to create beautiful and productive community garden spaces. Since 2002, community organizations in the U.S. and Canada have been able to apply for Project Orange Thumb grants consisting of cash and tools. Fiskars expanded Project Orange Thumb in 2008 to include hands-on garden makeovers. During a Project Orange Thumb garden makeover, Fiskars partners with key retailers, such as The Home Depot Foundation in the U.S. and Canadian Tire in Canada, and works closely with neighbors, business leaders, volunteers and community partners to transform undeveloped land into a beautiful, productive community garden – all in a single day.

Key Facts

Fiskars’ Project Orange Thumb has provided over $1.4 million to more than 140 community groups and helped to complete 16 garden makeovers in North America

During a Project Orange Thumb garden makeover Fiskars works with a non-profit community group to complete a one-day transformation of undeveloped land into a productive community garden

10 Grant winners in the U.S. and Canada are awarded $5,000 in cash and tools to support their gardening goals annually

To date, 16 communities have been chosen for garden makeovers: Chicago, IL; San Fransisco, CA; Orlando, FL; Toronto, ON; Atlanta, GA; Baltimore, MD; Portland, WA; Columbus, OH; Vancouver, BC; Madison, WI; Far Rockaway, NY; Calgary, AB; San Antonio, TX; Ottawa, ON; Washington D.C.; Halifax, NS

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