No-touch Blade Change Tool

Item #: 195120-1001

Specifically designed for use with our Rotary Cutter and Ruler Combo, this magnetic system offers safe, no-touch blade change.

Our unique No-touch Blade Change Tool makes replacing the blade of our Rotary Cutter and Ruler Combo quick, easy, and most importantly, safe. Simply unscrew the blade carriage and remove the magnetic blade carriage with the old blade still in it. Holding the blade carriage, snap the old blade into the blade change tool without touching it and flip the blade change tool over. Then just slide the lid on the blade change tool to ready the new blade. Next, place the blade carriage over the new blade — the magnetic system will automatically snap the blade into place. After you place the blade carriage back into the Rotary Cutter and Ruler Combo, you’re ready to cut. The No-touch Blade Change Tool comes with a total of five replacement blades. When you have switched out all of the fresh blades for used blades, the No-touch Blade Change Tool provides a safe way to dispose of your used blades.

    • Ideal for easy, safe, no-touch blade change with our Rotary Cutter and Ruler Combo
    • Includes five new, razor-sharp 45 mm rotary blades
    • Magnetic system removes dull blades and inserts fresh blades without forcing you to touch the blades
    • Holds up to six used blades and offers safe, easy disposal of used blades when it is full
    • For use with the Rotary Cutter and Ruler Combo only (item 195130-1001)
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