Tailor Shears (10")

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Your best choice for perfect patterns and flawless cuts.

Our Tailor Shears feature extra-long, heavy-duty blades ideal for cutting patterns for sewing projects. They’re also the perfect choice for long, clean cuts through all your toughest fabrics and materials. In addition, a bent-handle design helps keep difficult material flat and prevent twisting while you cut. Like all of our very best sewing and quilting scissors, our Tailor Shears feature blades ground with a proprietary technique and ergonomically designed handles for cutting performance, control and comfort other scissors can’t match.

    • Ideal for cutting patterns for sewing projects and a variety of heavy-duty material
    • Proprietary blade grinding technique provides a lasting sharp edge that cuts all the way to the tip
    • Specially formulated Swedish stainless steel blades will not rust or dull
    • Innovative blade design provides superior cutting performance with less force
    • Ergonomic handles are sculpted to fit your hand, maximizing comfort, sensitivity and control
    • Larger handle loops fit hands of all sizes
    • Bent handle design keeps material flat for mistake-free cutting
    • Length: 10"
    • Proudly made in Finland based on a 360-year tradition of craftsmanship
    • Lifetime warranty
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