Teresa Collins Banners Simple Stick™ Stamps (3" x 6")

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Choose designs by craft celebrity Teresa Collins to capture the moments that matter in life.

Teresa Collins is a top craft celebrity who has been featured numerous times on My Craft Channel, HSN, QVC and DIY network, well-known for a sophisticated style that helps crafters tell the stories of the special moments in their lives. Now her timeless designs are available through our Simple Stick Stamps. Like all of our Simple Stick Stamps, this set features hard rubber shapes that provide excellent ink application to give you crisply stamped images on a variety of craft projects. They can also be rearranged in a wide variety of combinations for unique designs that can express virtually any sentiment perfectly. Our repositionable stamps stick firmly to stamp blocks or plates and can be used again and again without falling off the block. A simple application of soap and water quickly restores stickiness to stamps after heavy use.

    • Ideal for creating unique stamped crafts that tell a story of a special moment or capture a sentiment in a way only Teresa Collins’ designs can
    • Hard rubber shapes provide excellent ink application and crisply stamped images
    • Stick securely to stamp blocks and can be used repeatedly without falling off
    • Can be arranged on the stamp block in virtually limitless combinations
    • Ink washes off easily with standard stamp cleaner
    • Soap and water restores stickiness


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