Loop-handle Carabiner Pruner

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Designed for comfortable use and convenient transport when cutting stems and branches up to 5/8" diameter.

This easy-to-transport, easy-to-handle tool is a great choice for pruning on the go. A built-in carabiner clip makes carrying and accessing this pruner hassle-free, and a loop-handle design enhances comfort and control while protecting your fingers. It includes a fully hardened, precision-ground steel blade that stays sharp and a low-friction, rust-resistant coating that makes cutting even easier. Our Loop-handle Carabiner Pruner even includes an easy-open lock to secure the blades when the pruner is clipped to your belt.

    • Ideal for cutting stems and light branches
    • Carabiner clip provides easy transport and access
    • Loop-handle design protects fingers, offers a comfortable grip and improves cutting control
    • Fully hardened, precision-ground steel blade stays sharp, even through heavy use
    • Low-friction coating helps the blade glide through wood, prevents the blade from gumming up with sap and debris and helps the blade resist rust
    • Bypass blade style
    • Maximum cutting capacity: 5/8" dia.
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Easy-open lock protects the blade during transport and storage
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